Klinic’s online addiction treatment platform improves patient outcomes and access while decreasing costs.

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What if you could improve patient outcomes, track long-term sobriety success, and increase your billables?

Aftercare is a critical component of the addiction recovery process. But it’s expensive and time consuming for centers to develop an aftercare program.
Klinic has created a way to alleviate the hassle and major cost of building your own program while still providing the aftercare vital to your patients’ continued success. Learn more below.

Instant Aftercare Program for Better Patient Outcomes

Aftercare is shown to improve patient health outcomes and decrease relapse rates.

Also called continued care, aftercare has been recognized as a differentiating factor in patients’ continued sobriety, especially for patients with opioid use disorder. But many centers don’t have the time, money, or staff to dedicate to developing and maintaining an effective aftercare program. It’s even more challenging to create a program that supports ongoing medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Most rehab facilities choose to refer out their aftercare to another organization. This often has the effect of:

  • Reducing momentum built with the patient
  • Losing the ability to track patient outcomes
  • Forgo continued billables
  • Disrupting the recovery process

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Why Klinic?

Klinic’s addiction recovery support system is the easiest and quickest way for you to begin offering your patients the continued care they need.


Many Modalities, One Platform

Klinic enables you to offer a variety of aftercare options to your patients, including:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Chat-Based Messaging with a Physician
  • Therapist-Moderated Support Groups
  • On-Demand Access to Provider Appointments

You can cherry-pick the services that best fit your center’s approach and your patient population. In-person aftercare programs are relatively slow to adapt or evolve. Our online continued care offering can be customized to your preferences. Furthermore, we are always seeking ways to expand our offering to serve our clients and their patients.



Some centers already offer aftercare but only in person. That doesn’t work for all patients such as those who traveled from another state, those who maxed out their time away from work or family, those without transportation, and those whose schedules conflict.

There are countless reasons why aftercare is difficult to attend when it’s in person. In 2021, geography, schedules, and transportation should no longer inhibit people from receiving the continued care they need. With Klinic, those barriers are removed.

Klinic enables you to offer a virtual addiction recovery support system that meets patients where they are and keeps them where they want to be: in recovery.



Once a person leaves the structure of an inpatient rehab facility or an outpatient program, it’s difficult to track that person’s participation in services like group counseling, one-on-one counseling, and even medication-assisted treatment. Thus, it’s hard to know what didn’t work if that patient relapses or what did work if the person remains sober.

When you extend your care through Klinic’s online addiction recovery support system, you’ll have insight into your patients’ participation, recovery experience, and outcomes. Though it’s impossible to develop an addiction recovery plan that works for everyone, tracking overall metrics helps ensure you’re giving your patients the right tools for success. We make this easy by enabling you to collect important aftercare data. It also helps you track and improve your patient outcomes.



Using metrics, both universal and specific to your population, you can scale your aftercare program to best support your patients. The virtual nature of the Klinic aftercare program makes it easier to scale than a program requiring a brick and mortar building with on-site staff.

With Klinic, you can scale many components of your continued care program based on what is working for your patient population. Such scalable options are almost endless, but may include frequency and duration of counseling sessions, type of counseling offered, and whether or not you offer medication-assisted treatment.

Be Your Patients’ Best Shot

Don’t wait another day to begin extending your recovery services with continued care. You gave your patients your best care during treatment; now give them their best shot at success with consistent, ongoing recovery support.

“It is possible that the effectiveness of continuing care interventions could be further improved by the use of adaptive algorithms, which adjust treatment over time on the basis of changes in patients’ symptoms and status. The use of alternative service delivery methods and care settings may also lead to greater engagement and retention in continuing care, particularly among the large numbers of individuals who do not want traditional, clinic-based specialty care.”