Drug Courts Virtual MAT Form

Virtual medication-assisted treatment and counseling platform improves access and increases effectiveness of Drug Court substance abuse programs.

Drug courts are a demonstrably effective alternative to jail or prison, and they have removed numerous obstacles to treatment. But many drug court teams are still operating primarily in-person. Like rehab centers and addiction physicians across the country, court
coordinators can lead their drug court teams to remove even more barriers to access by extending their care online.

Court coordinators have an opportunity to meet program goals by capitalizing on the benefits of online addiction treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD) and alcohol use disorder (AUD). An online program is far easier to scale to meet growing demands, and this decreases the strain on court coordinators who already have so much to manage.

The Klinic platform enables drug courts to offer virtual medication-assisted treatment and counseling through a streamlined, user-friendly platform.