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What if fulfilling your data waiver and offering medication-assisted treatment to patients was easy, intuitive, and allowed you to work from anywhere?

The epidemic proportions of the opioid crisis is uncontested. Countless physicians and nurse practitioners have obtained data waivers to enable them to offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). When used with counseling, MAT is proven to be effective for treating opioid use disorder (OUD).
You obtained your data waiver, so you could be part of the solution in the opioid epidemic, but now what? Many addiction physicians and nurse practitioners find it challenging to find, onboard, and deliver effective care to patients with opioid use disorder for a variety of reasons, including

  • Cost of or inability to find a treatment location
  • Treatment overhead cost
  • Technology challenges
  • Lack of patient transportation or other access issues
  • Ineffective marketing for reaching patients

Virtual Addiction Treatment Platform Solves Provider Challenges

Klinic solves all of these challenges by offering providers an easy-to-use online MAT platform that allows them to connect with patients anywhere and eliminates overhead, such as rent or office staff.

By using Klinic’s platform, addiction physicians and nurse practitioners can:

  • Work with patients anywhere the data waiver allows
  • Receive access to patients through Klinic’s referral program
  • Easily manage patient pipeline
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Increase billables and efficiently scale

Sobriety Support. Anytime, Anywhere.

The Klinic platform offers a variety of treatment options to patients.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Chat-Based Messaging with a Physician
  • Therapist-Moderated Support Groups
  • On-Demand Access to Provider Appointments

The Klinic platform enables addiction doctors and nurse practitioners to provide safe, confidential, and effective treatment for alcohol and opioid use disorders. Klinic offers numerous benefits to providers, including:

Convenience – Meet with patients from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. User-friendly, on-the-go capabilities make Klinic the ideal solution for starting or expanding your medication-assisted treatment practice.

Cost-efficiency – Klinic

Referrals – Never stress about fulfilling your data waiver again! Become part of the Klinic community and receive referrals from our platform itself, other providers, and from in-patient rehab facilities.

Accessibility – Klinic’s easy-to-access, mobile platform not only simplifies your accessibility to patients, but their accessibility to you. Be part of the solution by using Klinic to remove barriers to care for patients.

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How do I become in-network?

Fill out this form and we’ll set up a call with one of our Practice Growth Specialists to help you learn more about membership and on-boarding.

Will I still have full control over my practice? Are there any requirements or expectations once I become a member?
Your practice is your own, and how you run it is always up to you. Because of our membership structure, we’re always focused on how Klinic can serve you — not the other way around. As a member, you have control over what your practice looks like, from the number of clients you see each week and the rates you work at, to what type of therapy modality you use. No matter what you decide, we’ll be there to support you in building your best practice.
Does Klinic take a cut of my free from visits with cash-pay clients?
No. We charge a monthly fee for membership that gives you access to all of Klinic’s benefits. The income from your cash-pay clients stays with you.
What if a client consultation isn’t a good fit?
That’s where our Client Matching team comes in. Regardless of the circumstance, if a client isn’t a good fit for your practice, our Client Matching team will step in to connect them with another provider in the Klinic community.
What if I get referrals outside of Klinic?
Klinic is designed to support your entire practice. We’ll support you in taking care of all your clients whether they come to you through Klinic or not.
Can I still join Klinic if I’m still working towards full licensure and need supervision in order to practice?
Yes! Providers who are practicing under supervision are more than welcome to join Klinic. In the event that you need supervision, let us know, and we will connect you with someone who can assist, after you have gone through our application process.