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  • We handle ALL the tech, marketing and admin work… so our providers have more time to focus on helping their patients.
  • Klinic is an all-in-one tech & marketing platform that makes it easy for mental health providers to launch and scale their practices. So rather than struggling for months (or even years)… we help providers launch and grow their practices, in just 7 days. That way, we can help serve more of the 1 billion people struggling with addiction and mental health challenges.

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Out-of-the-box Automations:

Klinic has a fully integrated, HIPAA compliant tech-stack with connected tools, including CRM, EHR, telehealth, e-Rx, and patient portal.

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Marketing, Onboarding & Retention:

We streamline patient acquisition, engagement, insurance verification, scheduling, intake, onboardings, and manage long-term patient retention.

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Payments, Billing & Revenue Cycle:

We help you get credentialed, and have integrated automations for payments, billing, and RCM.

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“15,000 Independent Practitioners Are About to Make a Costly Mistake…

Our Story


A nightmare…

In 2017, we set out to launch our own practice, entirely from scratch. But, we quickly learned we’d need over $15,000 per MONTH worth of software and technology to even be able to begin marketing and accepting patients…


An idea…

We knew we weren’t the only people struggling, trying to “duct-tape” different platforms together. 15,000 independent practitioners launch a new practice every year. Most of them end up failing because of high expenses and overhead, and lack of patient acquisition.


A dream…

We set out to solve all the technology and marketing problems for clinics. And we accomplished it. It takes on average 6-9 months and over $15,000/mo for a clinic to launch their own practice… with Klinic – we help them do it in 7 days… and for less than the cost of a single part-time employee.


Today’s reality…

Today, Klinic is a team of medical directors, NAADAC board members, Yale psychiatrists, and tech and marketing experts who have grown multiple clinics & telehealth platforms from 0 to $200m+.


We’ve created a first of its kind medical growth platform we used in our own practices to acquire 1200 patients in 90 days while also helping countless other practices launch & scale to 500+ patients & $2m+/yr revenue… while saving them over $15,000/mo in software costs.

An Automation Platform for your Clinical Processes

If you’re going to launch a medical clinic, you need numerous HIPAA compliant technology systems:

– CRM, EHR, Patient Portals, and e-RX software

– EHR Integrations

– Licensing & Credentialing

– Insurance Verification

– Intake & Care Coordination

– Billing, Automations, Scheduling…

On top of all of that, acquiring patients is a never-ending, continuous need. As is hiring, training, and managing staff.

The average clinic will pay $15,000/month for these services.

However with Klinic ALL of that is handled for you for LESS than the cost of 1 single part-time employee.

Whether it’s your first clinic, or your fifth… our platform is there to support your growth & needs.

A Proven, Hands-Free Approach
to Private Practice Growth

Get the tools and support you need to manage and grow your practice, so you can focus on delivering great care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions about how Klinic works, you can always reach out to us! Partners@klinic.care

Joining Klinic

How do I become in-network?

Fill out this form and we’ll set up a call with one of our Practice Growth Specialists to help you learn more about membership and on-boarding.

Will I still have full control over my practice? Are there any requirements or expectations once I become a member?
Your practice is your own, and how you run it is always up to you. Because of our membership structure, we’re always focused on how Klinic can serve you — not the other way around. As a member, you have control over what your practice looks like, from the number of clients you see each week and the rates you work at, to what type of therapy modality you use. No matter what you decide, we’ll be there to support you in building your best practice.
Does Klinic take a cut of my free from visits with cash-pay clients?
No. We charge a monthly fee for membership that gives you access to all of Klinic’s benefits. The income from your cash-pay clients stays with you.
What if a client consultation isn’t a good fit?
That’s where our Client Matching team comes in. Regardless of the circumstance, if a client isn’t a good fit for your practice, our Client Matching team will step in to connect them with another provider in the Klinic community.
What if I get referrals outside of Klinic?
Klinic is designed to support your entire practice. We’ll support you in taking care of all your clients whether they come to you through Klinic or not.
Can I still join Klinic if I’m still working towards full licensure and need supervision in order to practice?
Yes! Providers who are practicing under supervision are more than welcome to join Klinic. In the event that you need supervision, let us know, and we will connect you with someone who can assist, after you have gone through our application process.