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Addiction and Mental Health is something you deal with every day. Your recovery program should be available every day too. Contact Klinic to get access to the best Independent Practitioners for a comprehensive support system, available 24/7/365.

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Discover YOUR Best Treatment Path

You’re different.

Your brain chemistry, life experiences, dreams, desires, and even your fears are all entirely unique to YOU.

It makes sense your treatment should be unique to you too, right?

So rather than forcing a cookie-cutter plan on you – here at Klinic – we connect you with an expert who will work with you to create a completely customized treatment plan based on YOU. 

Because it works better that way.

When you sign up for our online aftercare membership, you get access to all our services, including:


  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
    • Easy access to medication + refills
    • On-demand access to provider appointments
    • Includes required labs
  • Unlimited Therapist-Moderated Support Groups
  • Coaching
  • 24/7 Chat Based Care Coordination
    • Appointment reminders, prescription updates, refills, and more
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Affordable Care; Insurance Accepted; No Waitlists

Get Help Now​

At Klinic, we connect you with what’s called an “Independent Practitioner” – meaning they’re NOT a big corporation.

That way, your care is always affordable and your insurance is accepted.

These are board-certified doctors, therapists and providers who specialize in modern, up-to-date treatment methods.

Plus, rather than waiting months on a “waitlist” to get help…

If you’re ready; we can get you an appointment within 24hours. 

We also provide telehealth and virtual treatment services, so all you need to make an appointment is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Safe, confidential, and affordable treatment for addiction, mental health, and psychiatry.

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MAT is evidence-based and proven to significantly increase opioid recovery rates when combined with counseling.

If MAT is right for you, our platform allows you to get same-day prescriptions and begin your recovery immediately from the comfort of your home.

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Mental Health + Therapy

For those looking to make meaningful peer connections, gather information, and/or share their journey, we offer:

  • Virtual, therapist-moderated support groups
  • Resources to educate + inspire you 
  • Anonymous forum for questions/sharing
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It’s not always possible to predict what style of psychiatry will be the most beneficial for each person.

We offer several types of specialized psychiatry sessions for those looking for holistic, personalized care and the most comprehensive, integrated, and holistic treatment.

How it Works

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Our process is designed to get you access to care quickly and easily.

Click the button below to book a consultation immediately or schedule one for a future time.

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Your First Appointment

Your first appointment will be with one of our experienced addiction and mental health providers. Prior to the appointment, you’ll supply a treatment history and describe how you’re doing right now. We use this to meet you where you are and develop a therapeutic support plan that is customized for you.

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

During your initial consultation, the physician will discuss your eligibility for medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for addiction, opioid dependency, and struggles with mental health.

Our platform makes MAT easy. You can receive same-day prescriptions, and return to your normal daily life while recovering with the support of evidence-based medically assisted treatment.

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Future Appointments Made Simple

Medication-assisted treatment must be monitored by a physician. Luckily, our virtual program makes it easy for you to attend necessary doctor appointments from your phone without taking you away from your regular life.

In follow-up appointments, your physician will assess how the medication is working for you. We monitor any barriers or challenges that are hampering your recovery and help you get past them.

As you progress through treatment, your physician will work with you to slowly taper your dose, when appropriate. Our goal is to educate and guide you on the taper process, and we will never rush the process.

Slow and steady supports your recovery.

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Join Our Programs

Community, ongoing therapy, and supportive communication are the keys to long-term recovery. You can access all of those through the Klinic membership. Opt into the services that fit your journey.

How it Works

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depression treatment near me

How to Get Started:

Step 1: Choose What You Need Help With​

Looking for therapy? Addiction help? Psychiatry? Choose the service you’re looking for and we’ll connect you with a top-ranked provider near you.

Step 2: Choose a Provider & Schedule Your Appointment

We accept many types of insurance, and all of our treatment options are made to be affordable.

Step 3: Begin Your New Journey​

There’s no “one” best path to treatment. Which is why we help customize the treatment that’s best for YOU.


Connect with the best independent practitioners for addiction and mental health treatment.


Complete Access to Care

Our holistic recovery support system is available online. Our online addiction treatment platform ensures Klinic members are not limited by access issues such as location, lack of transportation or childcare, or an inflexible work schedule.

Klinic brings on-demand access to doctors and counselors to our members via a mobile phone or internet connection. This means you have access to the support you need – anytime, anywhere.



We can keep our costs low, because we’re virtual. We pass this savings down to our members, because we believe everyone deserves a chance at healthy recovery no matter their economic situation.


Holistic Program

Not every treatment is a fit for everyone. We offer an array of aftercare tools that help bolster the treatment process, leading to better outcomes.


One Source for All Your Support

Structure and dependability are absolutely critical during the recovery process. When patients face disruptions in their care such as changing providers, prescription issues, or short-term programs ending, their recovery can suffer.

At Klinic, we simplify and streamline the treatment process by being the single source for our members’ aftercare. This means our members know what to expect and are able to relax into a routine that supports their recovery.


Patient-Centered Care

This is your health! We are your partner, and aiding your long term recovery is our goal. Your progress is how we measure our success.


Meaningful, Long-Lasting Healing

We believe in your healing. We will work with you to get to the root cause of your struggles and help you get past them.

Member Testimonials

My life has improved 100% on this medication. I can deal with the ups and downs, am rarely depressed, don’t have a lot of anxiety and have my energy back. I feel like a normal person again.

Anonymous Member

I got immediate help when I needed it, and everyone I spoke to has been so helpful to help me to get and stay clean. The staff and doctor have been so informative. I’m excited to be a part of Klinic and I couldn’t be more thankful for the help I’ve been receiving. I’ve been able to function throughout the day and just live a better, happier, sober life.

Anonymous Member

Working with my Klinic Provider and my care team has been amazing. They are an experienced grouped and truly cared for my well being emotionally and physically. This is the best aftercare treatment program that I have experienced and I highly recommend using them!

Anonymous Member

Klinic has been amazing. They’ve taken the time to meet with me throughout the week to see how I was doing and how treatment was affecting me. They care to find what works best for me and and my recovery. I have taken my life back. I have control over my finances again, I can get in touch with my emotions again and I am no longer hating myself at the end of the day. I’m happier and healthier all around.

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Medication + Recovery Coaching

Medication Assisted Treatment

Group Coaching

Peer Coach Support

Payment options include Membership and Insurance. All major credit cards and insurances accepted (depending on state).

  • Initial doctor visit for medication assisted treatment.
  • Unlimited follow-up visits to continue medication assisted treatment.
  • Unlimited access to recovery coach moderated support groups.
  • Access to peer coach support.
Proven most effective

Member Benefits


Physician appointments for medication assisted treatment.


Peer coach support for individual members

Access to recovery moderated support groups with a 24/7 community, and peer coaches to support you in recovery

About Klinic – We’re Empowering Independent Practitioners for a Mentally Healthier World

After helping a friend go through treatment and dealing with the pains of navigating the healthcare system, we saw the struggles that both patients and providers deal with, and we’re now on a mission to tackle these problems by building Klinic’s “digital health as a service” platform. We launched the first version of Klinic with a telehealth platform to help patients get access to care for addiction treatment, and we ended up pouring a significant amount of resources into building out our tech-stack entirely from scratch to automate the clinical processes that providers get burdened with while running practices. Every provider struggles with this as they start new practices, and 15,000 clinicians will launch a new practice this year in the U.S. alone, joining the 1 million independent practitioners who operate private practices.

We’re now building a platform to empower independent practitioners to launch practices and deliver care at record speed with automations for end-to-end clinical workflows. By “digitizing” mental health practices at our onset, we help serve the 1 billion people struggling with addiction, psychiatric and mental illnesses by connecting them with holistic, integrated care from the best practitioners in the world.

Klinic is a remote-first company with a global team of digital health operators, engineers, designers and clinicians. We have offices in New York, Washington, California, and Texas. And we’re backed by some of the best healthcare executives and investors in the industry.

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